New Lease Specials at Causeway Honda



Advantages of Leasing

  • Always Experiencing That New Car Smell: Because leases only last for a few years, you benefit from being able to consistently experience a new car; this is particularly ideal for those looking to keep up with all of Honda's innovations and design pursuits.
  • Lower Monthly Payments: Because you are only driving a vehicle for a portion of its life, you are only responsible for covering a few years of its cost; in other words, you can keep your tight budget content with lower monthly payments, and you may also keep your refined taste buds satisfied because you'll be able to afford models and trims levels you may not been able to afford originally.
  • Customized Payments:Your lease payments can be tailored to fit your particular budget for anxiety-free financing.
  • Minimize Repair Costs: The time you spend with your desired leased ride is covered under its factory warranty, meaning you won't have to spend too much money on menial repairs.
  • Impressive Lease-End Options: When all is said and done, you have choices, and easy ones at that, to return, buy or lease.

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